The Plaza Apartment at Penang Times Square
Hi Everyone. Thanks for popping in to see what we're all about. Anyway, the story is as follows: One day I was asked by my old man in Perth, Australia, to go condo hunting, just because...well and also for the fact that my parents enjoy the place that is Penang! So I went along, because I live nearby in Indonesia (a mere 30 minute flight away). The result is the apartment that you see here...fitted and furnished by my partner in crime, my husband, Hendra. He did a fine job...well I think so anyway...being biased I suppose. So...I hope you get to stay with us sometime...why's more spacious than your average hotel room, and you can fix your own breakfast if you wish!

I did pop in to the apartment and stayed there last week. I wanted to live in it with a perspective of someone who may be staying there over a longer period. Well, washing was easy with the washing machine. It was an easy to use top loader. We have a drying rack in the laundry area, but I found the clothes dried faster when I put the drying rack near the main window in the living when we were out and about for the day, everything was dry when we arrived back home (how domestic do I sound!). It worked out well though!

Well, my husband had a go at fixing breakfast on the gas stove. Mostly in Asia, you will find that gas is not central like in Australia. You have a gas bottle to fix under the stove (just like in your massive barbeques). So, you flip the switch on the gas to get it going...and voila, the stove alighted as it should have! Anyways, he cooked some mie goreng (fried noodles) Asian style, with fried eggs. The kids were happy with it, while I dug into some toast and coffee. Typical. Most of the time though, we ate out...easier and cheaper than cooking if you ask me...and you can find local breakfast fare for about RM 0.80 - RM 3.80. Less than AUD 2 a person!

Okay, that's all I can think of for now...but next time I think of some more domestic stuff, I'll let you know! Ciao for now...

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    My name is Ericka Munday. I am currently living in Indonesia (almost two years now), but grew up in Australia, and this is the blog that goes with the apartment that you see here! I just thought you might like to know who you're (possibly) going to be dealing with over cyberspace. I help to get things (mostly) organised with my husband's (Hendra) help. We have three children (10, 7 and 3) so you get to know our perspective with staying in the apartment as a family with young children.


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