Nearby Eats - The Plaza Apartment at Penang Times Square The Plaza Apartment at Penang Times Square
Staying here is something that I love from time to time...the fact is there is so much food around Penang, and so much choice...yet so little time!

Now for those who do get to stay at the condo...fret don't have to cook! Yes, the kitchen is there, but you might decide that you'd like to take on Penang's cuisine under the belt (or inside it...?!).

Okay, so I just want to let you know about what's nearby. Downstairs in the shopping area are several eateries, including Old Town White Coffee (coffee and tea beverages, nyonya cuisine, rice dishes, toast), White House Restaurant (many rice dishes, blended ice drinks, curries), and Roti Bakar Kopi Tiam (roti bakar meaning "toast" so you have literally toast with many different toppings, coffee and tea beverages, and other simple foods) which are all pretty similarly priced. Many of the rice dishes will set you back around RM6, toast around RM2 - RM3, and drinks around RM3 - RM6. There's also Swenson's ice cream which do sell hot foods such as pasta also. The closest fast food joint would be Marry Brown that sells mainly chicken dishes (so like your KFC), only they also sell chicken rice and Penang's famous Nasi Lemak (coconut rice with trimmings).

Now that was all just on the ground floor of Times Square. Should you walk down the road left or right, you'd reach some local eating places selling the famous "Nasi Kandar". In these establishments you'll find rice is the staple of the meal, with your choice of meat and vegetable. This will set you back around RM3! You will definitely feel full for a long time after as well! If you decide rice is not your thing, you can choose to have roti canai or paratha dishes also provided from 80 sen! No kidding! Of course here you can also delve into local drink of "teh tarik" which is very very sweet milky tea...and strong tea also. I suggest walking to and from the location so you don't feel too guilty afterward...

I think that's all I can spill for now...because I'm feeling hungry. You can also grab some brochures from the airport and what not on your way that will show you some fantastic spots to tempt your tastebuds (and perhaps set them on fire in some cases). 

Here's to good food and good times! 
6/22/2010 06:14:31

The place is a good place to stay. Love the place. Currently there are one bank with another one coming soon.


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