The Plaza Apartment at Penang Times Square
Well, I just wanted to say a few quick things in regards to transportation. We don't have our own private vehicle whilst in Penang, so we are also in need of public transport...mainly the use of taxis as we have three kids in tow with us at all times!

From the apartment, the fastest and easiest way to catch a cab would be to walk to nearby Sunway Hotel, which is just across the a one minute walk really. There, they have a taxi stand and almost always have taxi cabs on standby (I say almost always, because one night we wanted to go out for around 8 pm and it was pretty quiet in that area). Not to worry though, because they have someone there to call the taxi for you and after a three minute wait, we had our cab!

Going around all city centra areas is a flat fee of RM10. Going to the airport RM30. If you're headed to the Gurney was RM15. So, the rates are not too bad if you're coming from Australia with the exchange rate! In general though, it is pretty cheap...

If you have any more ideas on transport...or anything that might be interesting...tell me!

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    My name is Ericka Munday. I am currently living in Indonesia (almost two years now), but grew up in Australia, and this is the blog that goes with the apartment that you see here! I just thought you might like to know who you're (possibly) going to be dealing with over cyberspace. I help to get things (mostly) organised with my husband's (Hendra) help. We have three children (10, 7 and 3) so you get to know our perspective with staying in the apartment as a family with young children.


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